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Public Safety

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Much has transpired in the City of McDonough concerning increased Public Safety.  Since being on Council we have increased our Fire ESO rating, implemented body cameras for our police officers, hired additional fire and police personnel, increased salaries, and worked to develop parity among those in public safety.

But Public Safety is more than putting out fires and arresting criminals.  In McDonough I envision our Public Safety personnel living out the true meaning of "serve and protect".  That means identifying opportunities for improvement and working toward engaging Public Safety personnel with the public and not just calling when they're needed.  I'm proud of where we are but I'm also committed to making sure that what has happened in other parts of our Country does not happen here.  And the only way to accomplish this is to continue to support civic engagement and involvement with the public, faith-based organizations, businesses, and non-profits.  Together we will adopt an "Officer Friendly" culture. In engaging the public with policing and safety we eliminate the opportunities and fertile grounds for gangs and other criminal activity. 

Together we will ensure that there is proper diversity within the Public Safety Department, competitive salaries, and proper police/fireman ratio to communities served.  And making sure that District 2 has the appropriate fire and police facilities to address its growing and changing landscape.

Arts, Culture, Entertainment and Historic Preservation

Nothing seasons a society like the arts, culture, entertainment, and Historic Preservation.  Great communities are built using this framework.  As your councilwoman, I will pursue the passage of a public art ordinance which will further the artistic creation of our local artists and foster a partnership between public and private entities.  

Cultural awareness is critical to the success of a diverse community; highlighting our differences brings us closer as citizens and fosters unparalleled unity.  I will continue to promote cultural heritage festivals which highlight the rich and promising diversity within the City of McDonough.

Moving further towards a bright future is only successful when we acknowledge, honor, and preserve the historical significance of the past.  With a city so rich in history, I would continue to work to exhume much of the history which has been lost.  Two of my most exciting projects were rooted in the rich history known only to the clay roads of McDonough. 

The Historic Camp Creek Train Wreck Memorial at Alexander Park and the C.O.Polk Museum both stand as a testament to the richness which emerges from historic preservation.  The Polk Museum which was one of my promises from 2008 is well on its way to becoming a fully functioning interactive museum and I thank you the public for allowing me to work with others in bringing this vision to reality.

History paves the road to the future, and what a bright future we have with the many young people who call this home.  Young people (Millenials) like seniors want accessibility to entertainment, and they want it with ease.  I agree.  Together, we can promote the type of infrastructure which will ensure thriving entertainment venues which serve to promote quality of life for all.


Economic Development and Quality of Life

Economic Development and Quality of Life go hand in hand.  One without the other does not exist.  When small businesses and large corporations are seeking to locate within a 

Economic Development and Quality of Life go hand in hand.  One without the other does not exist.  When small businesses and large corporations are seeking to locate within a community they look for areas which have a good mix of both.  Creating the right mix for District 2 is precisely what I aim to do.

And the aim must be high, the bar must be raised in order to remain competitive within the Atlanta Region we have to position ourselves as economic leaders maximizing our current capital and harnessing our potential.

Potential like what we find within having a major regional institution of higher learning. 

Southern Technical College positions the City of McDonough to be on the forefront of technical career development. Because of Southern Technical College McDonough is poised to compete for its place in the billion dollar State of Georgia Film Industry creator an incubator for career development for young people.

  • Collaborate On Regional and Local Mobility
  • Partner with the State of Georgia's Job Creation Program for Youth
  • Foster Small Business Development and Retention
  • Establish Community and Neighborhood Improvement Districts
  • Community Beautification
    • Contract to maintain Jonesboro Road
    • Sidewalk Installation with landscaping 
    • Install Banners and Christmas lights along District 2 Gateways
    • Integrate Fountains in new construction and landscaping

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation are a vital part of the quality of life in most communities.  McDonough is no different.  I believe that in order to have a successful Parks and Recreation Program it is necessary for the City of McDonough to establish its own program.  In District 2 alone we have two major parks which are currently under construction.  Establishing our own Parks and Rec Department will allow the citizens of McDonough the opportunity to program these parks in a manner which supports the needs of our community.   Among the enhancements that I will pursue are:

  • A Multi-generational Recreational Facility
  • Senior Friendly Activities
  • Walking and Biking Trails 
  • Partnership for Affordable Activities for Youth

Citizen Engagement

Citizen engagement is paramount to a successful people's agenda.  Without your support and the accountability of the electorate to the people the best plans fail.  During the next four years I will:

  • Hold regular Townhall and community meetings with the citizens of District 2
  • Collaborate and partner with colleagues to establish a Community Resource Center
  • Work with District 2 organizations to further community success:
    • Faith-based Organizations
    • Businesses
    • Non-Profits
    • Youth Organizations
    • District 2 Schools
    • Southern Crescent Technical College


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