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Sandra Vincent - District 2 

City of McDonough

Sandra Vincent meets with state leaders to discuss
strategies for train safety.





Sandra Vincent Councilwoman!

As your City Councilwoman, Sandra Vincent has been at the forefront of issues, ensuring the strong representation of District 2 and the City of McDonough as a whole. Sandra has advocated for the citizens of the McDonough, not only locally, but in Henry County, the State of Georgia, and Nationally. 

We survived the housing market crash, implemented appropriate systems to support our economy and now we reap the harvest of forward-planning; planning in which she played a major role. 

As one of the hardest hit foreclosure counties in the U.S., Sandra advocated for the identification and allocation of federal dollars which were used to stabilize many neighborhoods within our community. Without this neighborhood stabilization, many communities would have been left with a glut of abandoned homes and a decrease in property value to those which remained.

It is this type of leadership, forward-thinking, and collaboration, which has spawned the success of District 2.  It appears that everywhere you look these days there is evidence of progress. Silt fencing along Jonesboro Road, Alexander Park, walking trails, dog parks, round-a-bouts, housing and business development, improved traffic signalization, sidewalks, road repaving, expansion of transportation corridors, and more. Everywhere you look in District 2 there is progress.

But her commitment to progress does not reduce her desire to maintain the historical feel and warmth unique to McDonough. In Sandra's words, she views McDonough as the "Hospitality Hub of the South", a place where friends feel like family.


For ten years Sandra served as Chair of the City of McDonough Downtown Development Authority where she advocated for Historic Preservation and the revitalization of Downtown.  Through her efforts and that of others, the City of McDonough became the poster child for downtown revitalization efforts associated with the restoration of the historic Masonic Lodge known as the Hamilton Building.  The project utilized funding available through the Georgia Cities Foundation and the Downtown Development Revolving Loan Fund where Sandra worked to further legislation in support of downtown restoration.

Always committed to a thriving Downtown Sandra advocated for the acquisition and restoration of historic Clay Plaza and when the threat of a large non-traditional style office building emerged Sandra stood firm on maintaining the look and feel of Downtown while working with the owner to identify a more compatible design.

The desire for design compatibility was the impetus for her introduction of the concept of "Form-Based Design Codes for Historic Preservation and Tourism."  A concept which was adopted by the City of McDonough and ensures that new construction has architectural compatibility to the historic buildings of  Downtown.

Though only a portion of District 2 is located in the Downtown District, Sandra has worked tirelessly to foster the promotion of "the Square".  As a prior member of the Mainstreet Design Committee, a founding member of the McDonough Arts Council, and one of a small group of creators for the "Thriller Parade", "Princess Parade", "Quinlan's Run", "T.C. Carter Safety Day", and "Historic Camp Creek Train Wreck" activities, Sandra has continuously supported and advanced the preservation of Historic McDonough and its businesses.

Having advanced Downtown Development certification bestowed by the Georgia Municipal Association, Sandra was also elected as the Vice-President of the 3rd District South for the State of Georgia where she proudly represents several metro Atlanta cities including Peachtree City, McDonough, Stockbridge, Hampton, and Locust Grove.

It is Sandra's wealth of knowledge and her commitment to excellence, collaboration, and teamwork which makes her known and recognized throughout the region as an effective and gifted leader. 

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